A Place of Solace & Beauty

Cremated remains can be memorialized either by in ground burial or in above ground niches. Elmhurst provides in-ground burial of your loved one who has been cremated or you may choose to have cremated remains placed in our Columbarium Niche Garden. Elmhurst does not have a on-site crematory.

Traditional Burial Lots

Cremated remains can be memorialized in a traditional manner as well where the urn or container is placed in an urn vault and interred in-ground. Whether you already own a single grave, multiple graves on a family lot, or wish to purchase a cremation grave, cremation in-ground burial is an option.

Columbarium Niche Garden

Elmhurst Columbarium Niche Garden is located directly ahead when entering Elmhurst Cemetery. The lovely setting offers a variety of niche choices providing families and individuals a place of solace and beauty to memorialize and visit their loved ones. Built on the site of the original 1885 Elmhurst Gothic Revival Chapel, the Columbarium Niche Garden currently has 9 Columbarium walls housing nearly 1000 niches.

Each of our niches is constructed to hold two individuals. There must be room for two individual Urns or containers in each niche.

Inside Dimension:
11 ½ x 11 ½ x 11 ½

Inside Dimension:
11 ¾ x 11 ¾ x 11 ¾

Inside Dimension:
13 ¼ high x 11 ¾ wide x 14 ¼ deep

Inside Dimension:
15 ¼ high x 12 ½ wide x 11 ¾ deep

Cremation Urns & Vaults

We offer a full line of Cremation Urns, Urn Vaults and Burial Vaults. Our products are supplied by Brown-Wilbert, a local Company, who have served families for nearly a century. All of the products are made of high quality materials. We offer a wide variety of products and many are displayed in our office. Please feel free to drop in for a catalog or allow us to help you find the right one for you.

Scheduling a Cremation

When scheduling a Cremation Service here at Elmhurst, there are procedures and paperwork needed to be provided prior to the interment taking place. We have prepared a document for you to make the process easier.