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Notable Residents

Gus Barfuss was one of the good guys. He had an integral part in the ending of the “gangster era” in Saint Paul, and thanks to department reforms during his time as the Public Safety Commissioner is considered by many to be the “father” of modern day police work within the city.


Police Officer Timothy Jones and his canine, Laser, were shot and killed after being ambushed by the suspect who had murdered Officer Ron Ryan earlier in the day.

Otto Manke, one of the men who helped build the Minnesota State Capitol. Workers who were refurbishing the Capitol's lantern and finial above the dome recovered a copper cleat inscribed with a cryptic message from the past that read "O C Manke Aug 10, 1902. Manke also served on the Elmhurst Board of Directors in the 1930s.
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Civil War, Grand Army of Republic St. Paul MN

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