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Etiquette when visiting Elmhurst Cemetery

Elmhurst is peaceful and beautiful place where both families and friends come to visit or spend a few moments remembering someone special. Because of the natural beauty of a cemetery with its grass, trees and flowers, it serves as a sanctuary where people can go to reflect, contemplate, and sit with nature. Cemeteries are considered sacred grounds. We ask that you respect our rules and regulations when visiting our cemetery.

Privacy and quiet

  • Please respect the privacy of people attending funerals or who may be visiting a family memorial.
  • Keep noise levels to a minimum.
  • Loitering is not permitted.

Visiting Graves

  • The cemetery grounds open at sunrise and close at sunset. You may visit during these hours, unless previously arranged with Elmhurst.
  • You may have to walk over other graves to visit a loved one’s grave. It is acceptable, but in doing so, please watch your step near gravestones, vases and urns.
  • Please do not allow children to play or climb on monuments.
  • Children under 16 years of age should be accompanied by an adult.
  • Picnicking, lying down on benches or the lawn on the cemetery grounds is prohibited.
  • Pets are not allowed on the cemetery grounds or in buildings, except for personal assistants.
  • Please wear appropriate attire when visiting the cemetery. Shirts and shoes are required.

Wildlife and plant life

  • Please do not feed deer, birds or any other wildlife. Hunting or trapping of wildlife is strictly prohibited in the cemetery.
  • It is unlawful to pick flowers, remove plants, shrubs, trees or to do harm to any plant life on the cemetery grounds.

Driving, biking and parking in the cemetery

  • For safety reasons bicycle riding is not allowed in the cemetery.
  • Do not drive or park on the grass
  • You may park along roads in the cemetery. Please do not park in front of an open interment site, unless you are part of the funeral procession.
  • Please drive all motor vehicles at a safe speed, not exceeding 20 miles per hour.

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